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Project Thirty-Three

Project Thirty-Three is a collection of vintage record covers, all of which feature minimal shapes and flat colors combined with simple typography.

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Intelligence in Lifestyle Magazine

It’s been acknowledged that information graphics have recently become a huge trend in graphic design. Some people see this as a negative trend, but I think that there are some really great things happening within the realm of information graphics. IL magazine is an Italian men’s publication that is full of wonderful examples within the genre. Via ISO50

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Free Font Family: Public Gothic


The talented folks at are giving away a beta version of an all-caps font family that is, in their words, “A little industrial, little vintage, little condensed, little bold.” Public Gothic has a great old-school look that falls into the same category as typefaces like Univers Ultra Condensed, Trade Gothic, and Tungsten.

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Illustration by Iv Orlov


Russian illustrator Iv Orlov’s style blends geometric and organic shapes to create a cut-paper look that’s mildly reminiscent of Saul Bass’s work during the 1950’s.

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The Olymperials – Original Olympic Posters


The Olympic Collectors Commission of the The International Olympic Committee in Lausanne has compiled an incredible online collection of posters relevant to the games and the surrounding events. The design influences, which come from both the time period and the geographical location, provide a wonderful glance into the cultures that expressed them.

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Illustration by Siggi Eggertsson


Iceland-born illustrator Siggi Eggertson’s work is tough to categorize. It’s similar to pixel art, with the repetition of various colored shapes being used to create a larger image. However, unlike pixel art, Eggertsson utilizes the shapes created by overlapping forms as details in his complex and beautiful illustrations.

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Design by Alex Cornell


Alex Cornell’s work is classy. The time-bending effects used (photo cross-processing, yellowed paper, and other grungy “flaws”) look nice, but type selection and layout style are what I really like about Cornell’s designs. For example, on several of his projects, Futura is used in a way which is reminiscent of Mid-Century museum signage; centered and tracked out. You can see more examples of Cornell’s work on his Behance page and on Scott Hansen’s ISO50 blog.

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Swiss Graphic Design by Geigy


J.R. Geigy was a Swiss chemical company in the  50’s and 60’s. Their in-house designers played an integral role in the history of the Swiss International style. The company’s designs recently received quite a spotlight, via an exhibition at the Design Museum Zurich and the publication of Corporate Diversity : Swiss Graphic Design by Geigy. One would think that designs like these would require the use of Helvetica, but the Akzidenz Grotesk typeface was undeniably successful in many of the designs. 

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The Heist Series by Brian Gossett


I was immediately attracted to the use of clean type and noisy photography in the album art for Brian Gossett’s, The Heist Series. However, the series goes deeper than just the pretty covers, it also has a great concept. Gossett’s love for the heist film genre becomes apparent through his vast knowledge of the films’ scores and his ability to compile the compositions in a cohesive manner. Check out his site, where you can download the mixes and read his wonderful accompanying descriptions.

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Illustration & Animation by Scott K. MacDonald


Scott K. MacDonald (SMAC) is an illustrator/animator living in Vancouver, BC. His style references comic art and street culture. I’m quite partial to the way he represents fashion in his illustrations, he pays attention to intricacies while maintaining the crisp simplicity that permeates his work. Some highlights include the Tyson 85 Book (which I’d love to get my hands on) and the Cold Kids Series.

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