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Project Thirty-Three

Project Thirty-Three is a collection of vintage record covers, all of which feature minimal shapes and flat colors combined with simple typography.

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Intelligence in Lifestyle Magazine

It’s been acknowledged that information graphics have recently become a huge trend in graphic design. Some people see this as a negative trend, but I think that there are some really great things happening within the realm of information graphics. IL magazine is an Italian men’s publication that is full of wonderful examples within the genre. Via ISO50

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Illustration by Iv Orlov


Russian illustrator Iv Orlov’s style blends geometric and organic shapes to create a cut-paper look that’s mildly reminiscent of Saul Bass’s work during the 1950’s.

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Illustration by Siggi Eggertsson


Iceland-born illustrator Siggi Eggertson’s work is tough to categorize. It’s similar to pixel art, with the repetition of various colored shapes being used to create a larger image. However, unlike pixel art, Eggertsson utilizes the shapes created by overlapping forms as details in his complex and beautiful illustrations.

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Illustration & Animation by Scott K. MacDonald


Scott K. MacDonald (SMAC) is an illustrator/animator living in Vancouver, BC. His style references comic art and street culture. I’m quite partial to the way he represents fashion in his illustrations, he pays attention to intricacies while maintaining the crisp simplicity that permeates his work. Some highlights include the Tyson 85 Book (which I’d love to get my hands on) and the Cold Kids Series.

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Eastern European Matchbox Labels


Maraid has quite an array of vintage matchbook labels from Eastern Europe on Flickr. It’s fascinating to see the effects created by the bleeding inks and the unpredictable registration associated with printed materials of this scale.

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Which? Magazine Covers on Flickr


Delicious Industries has a wonderful collection of Which? (The Consumer’s Association Magazine) covers ranging from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. The covers were designed by London’s Banks & Miles (Colin Banks and John Miles). Check out the Flickr group.

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Printer’s Marks / Colophons


Bruce Black has an enormous collection of  scanned colophons from the 1940’s & 50’s on his website. Each of these marks utilizes a limited color palette and overall shape simplicity. I particularly appreciate the “common” aesthetic found in these marks. They weren’t created to be pretentious or high-end,  but to appeal to the average reader who is simply looking for entertainment.

Via Design Observer.

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London Underground Posters


Npgraphicdesign has a vast collection of vintage London Underground posters in a Flickr set. It’s a wonderful glance into the stylistic evolution of a culture.

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Portfolio: Micah Lidberg


Micah Lidberg has a wonderful artist portfolio, full of illustrations, patterns, and hand-rendered type. The artist uses a variety of media, including digital, to produce these incredibly detailed works.

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