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Dazzle Camouflage


The first time I saw a diagram of a ship with dazzle camouflage, I thought that the diagram was a recent, purely conceptual illustration. However, I just learned that these camouflage patterns were actually used in both World Wars. The purpose of dazzle camouflage is not to conceal, but to disorient. The patterns make it difficult for onlookers to determine which direction the ship is heading. The Rhode Island School of Design has an online exhibit dedicated to these incredible camouflage patterns.




Via The Ministry of Type

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  1. matt

    This is sick. I’d like to play a game of Bedazzleship.

  2. Nick I’m sure that you will also love the Guilty yacht, a project of Ivana Porfiri with exterior camouflage design by Jeff Koons.



  3. Thanks for the link, Costas!

  4. Theo

    This is fascinating stuff. There are also lots more photos and information about dazzle ship camouflage at the website at http://www.bobolinkbooks.com/Camoupedia/DazzleCamouflage.html or just google Camoupedia.

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